Thursday, 16 October 2014

getting some sailing in!!!!!

next weekend....


My good friend Jim has organised an end of season dinner for a group of us at Royal Harwich Yacht Club.... and he was planning on coming by boat.... only work has got in the way for him, and he needs to be in Italy until Saturday morning, and then back again Sunday, and he's asked me to bring his boat down from Burnham to Ipswich, so that his better half, Lynn, can still get some sailing in....

Naturally, I said yes!

Its a really lovely Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 35 lifting keel, that Jim has steadily fettled and improved over the few years since he bought her brand new.

We'll need to get the boat back too.... so logisitics will be a bit of a pain... but i'm sure we'll sort it.

A quick check of the tides (to be verified before you all tell me i'm wrong) suggests that it'll be a 1:00am departure sat am, and a 7:00am return on sunday morning... so not ideal... buts that's a small price to pay.

Only the weather can stop the plan!

Also, need to agree with Debs what her plans are... if I take the car to Burnham, then she's left stranded all day Sunday until I get back to Ipswich, probably around 17:00, or she can (my preferred option) come with us on the boat!... otherwise its a nightmare of trains, which will not be easy, or cheap.

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