Wednesday, 15 October 2014

prv leak stopped and ipads at the chart table

I've had an annoying drip from the pressure relief valve on the hot water cylinder since I installed it.... I was going to replace the valve, but following a suggestion from Findus on the ever brilliant forums, I instead checked the pressure on the accumulator tank, and there wasn't any... so stuck 1 bar in there with a footpump i'd taken down to the boat especially, and voila!... the leak has gone!... when you think about it, its quite obvious... as the water warms and expands, without an air pocket in the accumulator to absorb the expansion, there is only one place the water can go... out of the prv... thanks Findus... saved me a few quid!

Next I set about wiring up a cigarette style socket at the chart table. I've bought a couple of those marine style sockets that take a normal connector, but also click and lock ones if wanted.. they also have a decent water resistant cap... wired it up, and I now have a power supply for my iPad at the chart table, all ready for when I install the nice Raymarine wifi enabled system, to act as a secondary plotter and radar display at the chart table... plus every day use for email etc..

Lastly, I did a bit of tidying up of the wiring... a few extra cable ties here and there, just to keep things neat until all the wiring is done, and I can clip it all up properly and permanently.

On the way home, I stopped at Foxes chandlery, and have bought (yet another) tin of matt varnish, so that I can finish the cupboard doors at home, as well as the cable connectors to finish the autopilot, and  a 40amp fuse, as it is currently unfused on the high power side (its operated through a relay, so that the switching circuit at the panel is still low current)... and a bargain power connector for the shore power, one of the nice ones with a flap that will be unobtrusive and allow me to make another hole in the cockpit watertight, rather than taped over with gaffer tape!... it was £14 which is very cheap... nice one Foxes!... I needed to do this soon, so that I can finish off the cockpit hlass work before painting.

A few days at home now, back to job hunting, and then perhaps another stint onboard in a few days.

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