Saturday, 4 October 2014

no news is good news

...or maybe no activity!

I've not heard anything from the yard yet on them taking a look at Phoenix's engine.

I've in the meantime, done plenty of Googling on fuel injector pumps, and am now a little more confident in taking a better look at it.

In other news, i've got the first coat of varnish on one side of the reassembled hatch, and that is looking good.

I've not been too concerned with the finish here, as this bit will be under butyl tape.

I can't go too much further with it until I get the new bit of Polycarbonate, as I don't want to find that the joint have moved slightly once snugged down onto the new plastic and hence my varnish being spoilt.

I've also finished the forepeak door, which will now have to wait to be fitted until I can buy the new door handles... I won't be doing that until gainfully employed again, as its hard to justify spending that much money on them while not working.

I can't finish the sliding doors, as I have run out of matt varnish, and need a trip to the chandlery to buy some more.

One other thing... the pressure relief valve on the calirifier has been dripping very slightly when the water is hot.... i'd assumed a dodgy valve, but someone who knows about these things has suggested that I check the precharge in the accumulator. The accumulator is basically a small tank that is half air one side of a membrane, and the rest water... as the pump runs, it puts the water under pressure by compressing the air... if there isn't enough air in there, then the water pressure forces the prv to leak.. its worth a check. The air can be replaced by use of a bicycle pump via  schraeder valve on top of the accumulator.... will report back!

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