Tuesday, 21 October 2014

OK..... so its a new engine

The marina have got back to me.... I hadn't taken the rocker cover off.... but they did.... all the springs and valves are rusty... which would imply that the bores and rings will be.... and with a new fuel pump, we're already intp spending several grand to get her rebuilt.

The yard have suggested that they pull the engine out, and take it apart to see what their closer inspection reveals

Its not worth it iin my opinion.... lets cut the losses, and not spend money on it.

So, it'll be a new engine.... ouch.

I just need to decide when we pull the old lump out really.... and that'll be driven by me being back in work.


  1. That's unlucky Neil. I was hoping that you'd be able to avoid replacement but on the face of it you're probably right....

    Got back from Nieuwport on Monday eve, about 3 hours before the remnants of Gonzalo arrived - eek! Gave us a good incentive to make sure the boat was sailing absolutely flat out all the way home...

    Had and excellent, sunny windy trip :)

  2. Did think of you over in Oostende Mark.... was wondering if you'd be leaving the boat there!

  3. Crossed my mind, but the weather window seemed pretty well defined so we left at 0400 and got back about 14 hours later. Had to slalom the sandbanks off Nieuwport which slowed us down but then a constant F6 (beat) all the way back :)

  4. bet you were glad to be back in Shotley at the end of that!