Saturday, 29 June 2013

Wiring getting tidier

Spent most of the day making the panel for the master battery switches... its finished, and now has its second coat of stain to make it look like teak (its plywood!).... nice trim pieces to make it look tidy too.

Previously the battery switches were a bit dodgy, and not mounted very neatly.... I bought some new switches, and tried mounting them, but the panel had holes in the wrong places, and was also too thick... it was so thick (about 1 1/2") that I struggled to get the heavy battery cables onto the terminals on the back of the switches.... so I cut out big area, about 12" x 12" and have made a panel of 6mm ply to cover it, so that the switches will now be tidy.

This has taken me most of the day, but along the way, i've managed to fit the new compass, including running the wiring for the compass light (although its not connected up yet until the new switch panel is in), and finish the fitting if the panel at the chart table...

I did think that i'd not achieved much, but reflecting, its not a bad days work!

tomorrow I will start by relocating the batteries to their permanent home (decided they won't fit in the locker, so they are going on the platform in the engine room), as they are currently in a cupboard, then fit the battery cabling to its permanent home, which will be much tider. I don't want to start the batteries now, as without them I have no lights, and don't think i'll finish before its dark.... I'll then aim to rewire the engine start panel and alternator excitor circuit, as I can then recharge the batteries and also test the windlass.... but I still need to run heavy cables to the windlass as well... the current ones are a bit on the light side for my liking... I have the cable reay to fit....

so, it'll be a case of seeing how far I get really.

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