Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Fitting batteries

I've got three domestic batteries to fit....

Currently they are on the bottom shelf in the engine room cupboard... but i'd rather have that space for storing tools..... so I have been looking for alternative locations.

Also in the engine room is a boxed in section over part of the bilges with a drop in under-bunk style lid on the flat shelf on top, and I did wonder about mounting the batteries on there, but firstly I want some of that space for the watermaker, and secondly, the batteries would block the access to the box and be hard to move because of their weight.

Its a bit tight, and an odd shape, so didn't think I could fit the batteries in there.... but a bit of thinking and I suspect i've found a way.... I reckon I can get a shelf in there, fixed down at either end, and along one side, so secure enough, and then use car style battery clamps to hold the batteries in place on top... will measure up carefully!

Various bits have been arriving.... new compass is here, as are the deck organisers and mast base organisers... another parcel waiting to be collected from the post office.... suspect its the blocks.... winches, clutches and cable for windlass due later this week.

I'm also waiting on the light fittings for down below still.... have ordered a grand total of 11.... 7 of a standard style, and 4 with a dual red white option to provide night vision protection.

Next week i'll measure up for the headlining material and also order the ensign mount and staff, and then we're getting dangerously close to having all that wee need to get her ready to sail again.... not finished... but ready to sail!

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