Sunday, 2 June 2013

The thorny issue of leading back...

for my non sailing friends, that is taking all the lines that control the sails right back to the cockpit, so that in rough weather you don't have to step out of it's safety.

In the pro side....

safely in the cockpit
dry when it's rough
potential for one line to reef the main sail

On the cons side....

More friction making it harder to reef
needs two people if it get stuck
lot's of cash to lead back
needs extra holes in the dog house (the solid 'canopy' over the front of the cockpit) to lead lines through

Currently I have 3 winches at the mast base, and one on the boom.... so these could be removed (or left for emergencies)... i'd need 2 new ones in the cockpit.... at £500 each, this isn't a trivial decision.... i'd also need rope clutches to jam the lines.... at about £70 each, this is also a non trivial decision (I think I need 7 of them... see below)... I'd also need blocks and deck organisers to lead the lines back properly.... another few hundred quid...

However, it isn't really a debate.... the boss doesn't like me heading up on the deck when its cutting up rough, so we'll be leading them back! (and seriously, it IS nicer to be able to reef from the cockpit!)

I have to lead back the main halyard, the topping lift, the kicker, 3 by single line reefing set-ups and the staysail sheet.... i've decided that the staysail traveller can find an alternative arrangement, possibly jam cleats, possibly leading the lines down the side of the dog house... they're too unimportant to justify an extra £200 to get them into the cockpit!

A quick bit of mental arithmetic suggests that the total cost is about £1700

Bottom line is that I need to decide, and get the bits prior to refitting the headlining, as I need to bolt them securely through.... not decided if that means more money now, or a delayed headlining fitting!

Ah.... what's money?

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  1. Guv'nor, why not move the current winches back to cockpit. Thats a grand saved. The reefing is not quite what you might believe. With my (36 metre long) 3rd reef, getting it in is a long grind, but always doable. I bought Lynn a geared winch handle for £65 which is like having a second or third speed. The issue is getting the reef back out - which, if you think of it, is a nice problem to have. I used Antal winches and jammers, phoned them direct for a real good discount.
    Delighted you asre down to the more arcane problems now.... keep going.
    PS: Isn't it about time we loaded a case of beer , held an engineering solution meeting with a bunch of well intentioned mates?