Sunday, 23 June 2013

some bits ordered

well, I had to buy 'em at some point...

2 new winches (Lewmar Evo 30ST), clutches for three reefs, the main halyard, topping lift, kicker and staysail sheet (Lewmar D2), plus associated deck organisers (Spinlock T50) and blocks...., can now lead everything back with a bit of mounting and fabrication. I need to do this before the headlining goes in.

I've also ordered the replacement compass... the current one is too small (doesn't cover the pedestal top) and has a a huge bubble in it.

I wanted to order a pedestal guard as well, to mount the plotter, as its easier to fit while replacing the compass, but can only find them sold online in the US, and delivery from Edson was outrageous.... £104 !!!!!!!

So have emailed UK agent to see what they can do

I'll also order the light fittings and headlining material soon.... and the paint for the cockpit.... that way I can start getting the deck to look as good as the interior.

Starting to get there now.

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