Saturday, 1 June 2013

and she lives again, part 2

Engine restarted for the second time after she stopped last weekend with water in the fuel.

50ltrs of fresh diesel added this morning at 07:30, and it's taken since then to get her started!

I'd already emptied and cleaned the tank.... and today did the same with the filters... again... but she wouldn't start.

bled the filters... fuel just fine.... cracked open an injector... nowt.... not even a sniff of air coming out...

so, after starting at the beginning, and draining every section of pipework of air, I eventually discovered the bleed screw on the fuel injector pump.... out shot loads of air, and 2 mins later, she's started....

Now running beautifully on nice fresh fuel....

great to see normal red in the fuel filter bowl again, instead of funny pink, slowly turning clear!

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