Tuesday, 29 August 2006

carter 3/4 tonner

Maggie is a rare breed.... a Carter 3/4 tonner, designed by Dick Carter for the '75 3/4 ton world cup, and only 12 ever built..... some debate as to where, but certainly boats were built by Northshore in the UK and Olympic in Greece, and possibly some by Thames Marine..... I don't know if Olympic actually made them, or just completed them, but I assume that Northshore built the hulls and decks given their relationship with Dick Carter who went on to design the early Southerlys, but thats only speculation.... The Carter 3/4 tonner is referred to in Adlard Coles famous book, 'Heavy Weather Sailing' in her ability to handle extreme weather, with mention of the boat Ariadne... I have previously tracked down 2 other Carter 3/4 tonners, 'Stomper' based in Burnham on Crouch, and 'Ariadne' based in Wales (although the owner belives it to be a different 'Ariadne' to the one in the AC book).... This evening, i've found another, based in the US, possibly called 'Gotcha'... have e-mailed the owner and awaiting a reply.... its for sale, and yet again mentions the fantastic sea manners of the boat.... seems we all agree, its a fun, and dependable boat to sail

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