Monday, 14 August 2006

more weather

Sunday evening looked better, as it had cleared upa bit during the day, with the sun even coming out... so about 19h00 we decided to set off down the river, to grab a buoy at Levington, and then take a final check on the forecast before leaving around midnight... We had a pleasant run down to Levington, and grabbed a vacant buoy with no trouble... I logged on to various web sites, and then got the shipping forecast... N to N/W 5 to 6, backing NW 5 to 7 occasionally 8. Visibility moderate, sea state moderate to rough... Ah. So we decided to leave it yet another night.... we stayed on the buoy, and then set off back to Ipswich at 10h00 this morning.... now back in our marina, with a forecast that looks much better for tonight... we'll see!

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