Monday, 7 August 2006


After SWMBO finally relented and at last discovered the joy of springing on, rather than the mad panic of bow and stern warps when the pontoon is too short, I have invested in a Bosco boathook..... so now we should be able to hook on without getting off the boat.... a great bit of kit... looks very substantial.... the only one i've seen that I would trust under load.... a cast hook, much better than the daft plastic things people seem to have.... mind you at the price they are, they should be good! I'm hoping now, that sooner or later SWMBO will have a go at driving the boat on..... it won't matter if we aren't close enough with a boat hook to help.....i'll still be able to reach over and get us hooked on.... Perhaps the 'girls weekend' we have organised in September will help her to gain the additional confidence needed.... she's going out with along with a group of friends 'better halves', and they will try coming alongside etc without the watchful eye of us lot of blokes there.... !

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