Sunday, 27 August 2006

heading home

The plan proved straightforward.... 20 minutes after we had tied up, Squidge from the forum wandered over.... they were on their summer cruise and had dropped into Neptune for the night..... Squidge has two boys of a similar age to our kids, so within half an hour, respective tenders were inflated and four happy kids were rowing merrily around the marina.... SWMBO's heart was in her mouth, but we figured we just had top let them get on with it.... they all had lifejackets on, so the worst case was a wet set of clothes and a dented ego..... We ended up going out for a bite to eat with Squidge and family in the evening, and then coffee back on Maggie... Sunday weather is excellent... kids have immediately taken to the tender again, and were last seen being towed by another group of kids in a tender with a tiny little outboard on the back at about 1.5kts to the other end of the marina!... this gave us time to clean Maggie up properly, and ready for a departure..... my mum and dad have invited us over for dinner this evening... a good end to a great week... So summary.... we loved Holland.... we'll be going back.... Nieuwpoort was nice too.....

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