Saturday, 9 September 2006


No sailing this weekend... C has her 11+ exam for entry to Grammer school... but I am going down to the boat tommorrow to start fitting the Eberspacher... the exhaust turned up yesterday, so at least I can trial run it now when its fitted (if its fitted!).... And thenb all i'll have to do is fit the warm air ducting... Current thoughts are to run just a single vent near the chart table, angled down the length of the boat.... I would in the ideal world like to run a vent all the way to the forepeak as well, but its a long run, so will firstly be difficult to route, secondly very expensive (I estimate about £90 of fittings and pipe plus another £50 for lagging it), and thirdly the air may well not be that warm by the time it gets that far anyway.....

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