Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Boat show

Interesting boat show as usual..... Met several people that we know while there... So what did we see? We looked at various different boats, not really particularly serious about buying, but still took a look... We were impressed by the layout and thought placed into the design of the Bavarias... but put off by poor quality in one or two places..... the Jenneaus looked like the design was showing its age.... particularly the teensy weensy cockpits..... and the interiors, which while nicely layed out, looked a little fragile... But.... the Beneteau..... we were very impressed with the Cyclades range... substantial, spacy and yet still useable at sea... We had a good poke around the 393, which we liked a great deal... and a brief, longing look at the bigger 43 foot version.... In fact we liked the 393 so much that we are looking at the viability of moving to a smaller house to get a budget sufficient..... SWMBO is coming home from work today armed with local paper property section.... and i've been trawling internet sites to get a feel for local property prices... More on this soon no doubt.... either realising that its not practical, or possibly a visit to the local dealer for a test sail!... we got enthusiastic about this time last year about a new boat purchase, but never followed it through.... this time seems a little more possible though.... I guess if it looks viable, then Maggie will soon be on the market.... contact me if you are interested.... if you read this blog, you'll know already how much care, time and attention she's had in the last couple of years, and how beautifully she sails in both light and rough stuff.... Other than that, not a lot going on at the show.... usual round of cheap bits and bobs, none of which we desperately needed, so we saved the money and went home by 15h00...

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