Tuesday, 20 January 2015

new engine

Looks like Phoenix will be getting her new engine soon.....

I've got to work out the logistics of doing it now... there are a few challenges to consider.

1] Timing in getting the old one out... i'll need crane assistance from the yard, so that'll be a mid week job... and will require me to remove the access hatch in the cockpit floor.

2] Maintaining the waterproof-ness of the cockpit while the hatch is removed, without having to do the whole job of out and in over a couple of days

3] Sorting out the engine compartment, and timing the paint job for decent weather, so that it will actually dry!

4] Working out how to deal with the engine feet... will I need to put new bearers in, or can I use modified feet?.".. or something like a bar across the existing bearers?

5] Fitting a thrust bearing, or facing an alignment challenge...

6] Storing the new engine until it is fitted... will the yard hold it for me in their shed?... or will they be unhappy that i'm not buying through them?....

7] Lead time on the engine... will it be weeks and weeks?

So many questions to deal with.... it's going to be fun!


  1. A plus for Beta is that they'll supply the engine with feet to match the existing bearers in most cases

  2. You can always totally rebuild yor engine room like I did! Boy what fun! (Heavy sarcasm).

    On the serious side, lots of careful measuring and making a mock up jig helped me do spot on alignment in about 45 minutes when I reinstalled the engine. Even if you install a Aqua drive, or whichever thrust bearing system, they say to still do due diligence with careful alignment.

    Cheers Neil, will be following closely

  3. Hi Myron, I feel your pain!.... my last boat had a Perkins, and I got to know and love that lump intimately!

    I had read and re-read your blog entry about the jig several times... rest assured that I'm not afraid of pinching a good idea!

  4. Please! Use anything that helps make that project easier. Feel free to contact me with any questions you can't glean from the blog entries. myt147@hotmail.com