Saturday, 10 January 2015


I've been down to the boat to check she's OK.... all's well with her....

Slso, while there, I collected the new starter motor, which i've sold on to another owner of a Lehman engine... so its not going to go to waste!

While I was there, I also snapped  few pics of the rusty rivets on the mast that will getting replaced shortly...

Bet they take some drilling out!

The boat seems quite dry below, bar the leak in the engine compartment from the access hatch... I'm not that concerned about it, as the hatch will be removed shortly, when we put a new engine in, and that's the opportunity to get it water tight, and in the meantime, the leak is only slight, and can't do the engine any more harm than has already been done!

I have however, ordered a heavy duty tarpaulin, that I will be putting over the whole cockpit area once it arrives... so that fixes the problem in the interim....

Hopefully progress to report soon, on the mast, and a few other jobs that need completing.

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  1. Good luck for when you replace the engine. getting them in is a real pain.