Saturday, 24 January 2015

masthead done!

A most productive day. 

My friend Jim came over to give me a hand with the masthead stuff... its really a two person job, with one pulling wires at one end of the mast, and one feeding at the other... it can be done alone, but its hard work.... so I was very grateful for the assistance.

My expectation was for trouble, so I am pleased to report that it has gone pretty much perfectly, and proved to be far more straightforward than I expected.

As we started the masthead was a bit of a mess..

With fittings from all the old equipment in varying states of decay, so this needed removing... but with care, as the old wiring becomes critical in pulling through the new wiring.

Usually, this task is a nightmare, and so, it was  pleasant surprise to find that the new wiring was pulled through without too much trouble.

We then mounted the new equipment, and suddenly the masthead looks ok again, and we are one step further to being ready to leave the marina for a sail.

I am particularly pleased with the combined windex/VHF aerial, which not only looks neat, but is nicely out of the way of the wind instrument sender.

We've still got the steaming light and deck light to fit and wire up, but the wiring is in place, so not the biggest of jobs, and then the rivets to drill out and replace, which should be too bad a job either... as Jim has treated me to a 'lazy tong' rivet gun, which make the job a LOT easier.... a giid few jobs off the to-do list today.... and given Jim's generosity, it is only fitting that he has the closing picture.... :)

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