Thursday, 29 January 2015

collecting courtesy flags

For a couple of Christmas's and birthdays, we've been buying courtesy flags for each other as a bit of fun... they make ideal stocking presents... we're starting to build up quite a collection now, so today printed off a list and marked the ones we have, and the ones we want, to avoid repeat or dual purchases.... the list of ones still needed is very long, and we've identified at least another 30, plus quite a few that we'll probably add once that list is exhausted!

(For the landlubbers, when you enter the territorial waters of a nation state, you fly a quarantine flag - a plain yellow - until you are cleared by immigrations, and then you fly their national maritame flag - or ensign as it is properly known - from your mast, the whole time you are in their waters)

Its a fun way of dreaming about the trip we'll make in a few years time, and keeps the enthusiasm up... plus it also encourages you to think about routes and options, which is nice daydreaming!

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