Sunday, 25 January 2015

less progress

An earlier start than yesterday, with plans to get the job completed.... but as is all too often the case with boats, the task ended up beating us, and we retired to try again another day.

Firstly, the bit of 3 core wire aimed for the steaming and deck light, appeared upon close inspection to be somewhat more corroded than we'd thought, so that'll need replacing... and I didn't have any... so instead we set about removing the old rusty rivets, and putting new ones in.... all good in terms of removing the old rivets, albeit a little hard, and requiring a combination of drills, and brute force with a hammer and punch, to then discover that the large rivets replacing them were larger than the largest mandrel on the new rivet gun... bugger... game over.

So, instead, we packed up and set off home.

Jim, upon getting home has discovered that his rivet gun does have the correct sized mandrel, so that's in the post to me, and i'll have another go next week.

You win some, you lose some.

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