Tuesday, 27 September 2011

gosh, its big!

Got home from work this evening, to be proudly presented with a new ensign. A lovely stitched one of very nice quality.

When we bought Phoenix, she was handed over with a very tatty little ensign, originally no more than 18" on the long edge, with perhaps 4" worn away with the ravages of time.

Now, i'm sure this ensign has a story or two to tell, and she'll now enter stately retirement, no doubt on C's wall.... but Phoenix really needed a new one.

So, 'er indoors secretly ordered one...

Only, its a 2 yard ensign... yes, that's 6' on the long edge... its 'effin enormous!

I think she'll wear it well... the Dutch would look on with secret admiration... even Guapa will have to admit its a beauty, even if he'll question the colour scheme!! :)

Only remaining issue is where on earth to fly it (yes, I know that should be wear it, but lets face it... mos people would just think I was odd if I wrote that!)... she has no ensign staff, instead flying the ensign rather messily from one of the davits to the stern at a wierd angle.... do we buy a big ensign staff for the transom, do we fit a proper ensign staff to hoist up the mizzen, or is she flown off the backstay.... I think we'll treat ourselves to an enormous ensign staff...

...and then we can fly her with pride!

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