Sunday, 18 September 2011

and now the work begins

We've got a list of jobs to do on Phoenix as long as your arm.... with decisions that need to be made on the basis of avilable time and budget with regards to priorities.

So.... first two major priorities are to get the wiring completed, and the exterior varnishing.... weather may play a part in the varnishing, so we'll just have to play that one by ear.... and that leaves the wiring.

I've created a new wiring diagram for her.... I intend to completely rip out the current wiring and start again.

Having completed the wiring diagram, and done some quick adding up, it appears that there is over 750m of wire aboard!

Initially, i'll reclad the engine room, as its looking a bit tired, an use this as a catalyst to refix the equipment in there neatly, relocate all batteries to the engine room, and then work outwards from there with the wiring.

I also intend to fit a Sterling A2B to manage the batteries and alternator a bit better...

That'll be another chunk of cash then!

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