Monday, 19 September 2011

crikey, that was close!

Phone call at lunchtime..... "Hello... I think your boat is sinking!"


Guy in the yard spotted that she looked a little bit stern down.. and took the time to have a quick peek through a porthole..

They immediately got on board and thankfully, water level had only made it to the sole boards.... engine almost completely submerged though..

So, they got a pump on board.... I rapidly cancel afternoon meetings and jump in the car....

By the time I get there 2 hours later, they've already pumped her dry, whipped the injectors out and emptied some water from the cylinders, flushed the starter and alternator with fresh water, and have her running happily....

They'll also do a couple of oil changes tomorrow, and also a precautionary change of the gearbox oil.... as well as let her run for long enough to dry out properly.

And the cause?... my fault really.... a pipe failed to the aft heads, and i'd failed to close the seacock.... normally something i'm fastidious about, but missed this one when doing my rounds upon leaving, instead closing a no longer used one by mistake.... whoops.

It appears that we've been very very very lucky.... due to the yard guys being observant, very deep bilges, and Shotley's quick and effective action.

We'll see how starter and alternator fair, but its not the end of the world to replace them if I need to over the winter... (viva la simple non electronic engine!)

By the time I left at 16:00 you'd have never known it had happened.

So that'll be a bottle of good stuff then!

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