Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bit of wiring

Spent the day pulling bits of wire out of the boat...

In fact mostly removing the old instruments, so trying to keep the cabling intact so that it has some eBay value, even if it is as museum pieces!

This involved removing loads of trim... Which was a good thing as it helped me track down one of the few leaks we've got... One of the chain plates on the mizzen lowers... A spot of sealant should have resolved that... And also plugging up the radar cable hole.

Domestic batteries dont seem great... But not sure if its the wiring or the batteries... They didnt seem to work, but had 12.7V across the terminals...

Also, the battery charger seems to have bitten the dust after the 'leak' earlier this week.

So now the wiring removal can begin and the rewire to follow... All the bits arrived.

Im also going to replumb I think... Its OK-ish, but a tidy install will keep it all reliable.

Looks like i've got a lot to do!

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