Monday, 16 June 2008

sail complete

Hoorah... I've finished the sail.... (well bar the eyelets, but that doesn't count!)Apologies for picture quality... taken on a mobile...

I'm now slightly more confident that we'll be ready for the annual pirate weekend at the beginning of July....I'm chuffed to bits with the sail....The light is shining at the end of the tunnel!Its also been a good week in other ways too.... my mate Alan has finished the Jester Azores challenge.. its a single handed race to the Azores for boats under 30'... he's completed it in his Westerly Centaur, Pipedream.... The Jester is brilliant event, inspired by the exploits of the original Jester boat and its owner/skipper Blondie Haslar, and all about the taking part... there is no prize other than self satisfaction, and its an event populated by very low budget, self maintained boats of all sorts of variety.... no racey craft here!... as said, its a brilliant event.... and Alan is a brilliant bloke.... well done mate... you're a star!

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