Sunday, 8 June 2008

changeable weather

Rather mixed bag weather wise this weekend.... arrived down Friday night in pouring rain..... forecast was for it to continue through to early Sat afternoon, but becoming scattered showers.....Like heck..... it chucked it down all day..... so I was dragged shopping....Only consolation was that we found a 12v portable satellite dish, which I promptly set up upon getting back to the boat.... and it worked brilliantly.... that kept the kids happy.... 200 channels to choose from!We sat back, and chilled with a bottle of beer for a while, until our friends David and Helen called..... did we want a fish and chip supper along with quiz night at the Haven Ports Yacht Club.... seemed as good a plan as any, so we drove over.... proved to be a very entertaining night, with a solid second place in the quiz earning us a decent bottle of red!Sunday dawned as still rather grey, but at least no longer raining.....By 10h00, the skies had cleared a bit, and the sun was starting to peek through, but we decided that as low water was just after lunch, it wasn't really worth getting too carried away going anywhere, so we all agreed that a day of boat cleaning was in order....By midday, it was hot.... with me just in shorts scrubbing the decks.... I will pay the proe now as my back is rather red.... but at least the boat is shiny again!The kids dawdled around the marina in the tender.... a fine day all in all...By 13h00, we'd finished cleaning, so decided to set off home.... and when we arrived,I set too again on the new tender.....A second coat on the interior... one more will do it.... and then a coat of the final nay blue on the stern and around the gunwhales.... looks fantastic... no pics though.... may try later....All thats left to do on the hull is...

1] another coat on the interior
2] invert her, and do the bits under the seats... another 3 coats I suspect
3] coat on the exterior
4] re-do the gunwhales (probably twice)
5] final coat on the exterior
6] flatten off the exterior
7] fit the rowlocks

So plenty to keep me occupied!

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