Monday, 22 May 2006

watching the weather

Got down to Maggie on Sunday, fitted another access hatch in the forepeak berths, accessing another of the compartments... still have 3 more to go, bit that one additional one will give us enough extra for the forthcoming trip.... also fitted the curtains to the pilot berths... perfect..... I also went over to a friends boat while I was down and helped him finish wiring up his radar... all sorted and working..... Been watching the long range forecast for the coming weekend.... its looking undecided at the moment..... I'm not keen on taking the family across the North Sea in a solid 6 gusting 7, so if thats the forecast. we'll delay..... However, there is a big high sitting over continental Europe, so depending upon how that, and the low swinging in over the UK from the Atlantic behave, it could do anything! Off towards Oostende friday night at about 02h00 weather permitting....

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