Wednesday, 31 May 2006

getting worse..

Another rough much for the winds moderating.... up 4kts on last night... I'm typing this at 04h00 in the morning... unable to sleep... lots of folks up... Vreny lost a fairlead in the night... pulled out of the deck.... so that took us a while to sort... Still sitting here worrying about all our lines.... My main concern is the stern line to the buoy.... we have a 30m 10mm line out.... could do with being a couple of mm heavier.... if it goes, we're in trouble.... we'll rest on the boat next door, and put a lot of load on their stern line.... the only fix I can see if that happens is to get her as well fendered up and as comfortable on the other boat as we can, and then blow the inflatable up, and row another line out to one of the other buoys a bit further upwind.... but I don't have another 30m line, so it'll be made up from two warps.... ho hum.... Starting to wonder if we'll be leaving Maggie here, and getting a ferry home... The weather is completely at odds with any forecasts we are seeing.... all the synoptic charts show a big high coming in, if not already here, with widely spaced isobars... if thats the case, where the hell has this F8 come from?

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