Tuesday, 16 May 2006


We're off to Oostende and on into Holland for a week (middelburg into the Veerse Meer and Zierkzee) in 10 days time... The Dutch chart folios I ordered arrived yesterday, and so I spent a couple of hours last night passage planning..... actually the Oostende passage plan is dead easy..... there is a TSS to concern yourself with, but other than that, once clear of Long Sand Head, then little to worry about, and there are no ports of refuge easier than just carrying on, or turning back...... So its just a case of sorting out where is best to enter the TSS and thats about it! Oostende itself looks very easy.... Anyway.... won't be sailing this weekend.... will go down to Maggie on Sunday to load up some clothes and food, load some waypoints into the GPS, and a couple of jobs I want to do... firstly, SWMBO has made some heavy duty curtains for the pilot berths, and they need fitting.... secondly, I have bought a switch panel for the newly installed radar, so would like to get that fitted if possible....

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