Tuesday, 30 May 2006

storm bound!

Last night was a bit hairy! Early in the night the wind built North Westerly to an average 38kts, with prolonged gusts over 55kts..... the swell from the North sea was making its way right into the sheltered Mercator Dock, and so we had a very rolly and noisy night.... To add to the discomfort, it was thrashing down with rain, and very cold.... hats and gloves weather. I was awake and on deck much of the night, watching lines.... as were most of the other boats in the marina..... Ended up with several additional bow lines......and every fender we owned deployed Vreny broke one of her bow lines at about 04h00, but fortunately it was the Leeward one... Several large Danish Mobos over on a pontoon received a real bashing, with frantic efforts to try and stop them from crashing into the pontoon... mainly unsuccessful. One large Fairline (a Squadron 62?) made a dash over night for the other side of the marina, with what can only be described as a stunning bit of seamanship, he went through the marina at about 15kts to avoid windage and placed it bang on another pontoon, with only a little use of his thrusters... it was a scary maneouvre, but he was clearly very skillful, and did it extraordinarily well... hats off to him. At about 02h00, I turned off the alarm call for 06h30, there was no chance of it moderating, or the sea state being reasonable.... Paid another nights berthing fees this morning..... forecast looks crap right through to Friday :( Worst night we've ever had in a marina... actually quite scary at times.... So, about to jump on the train for a short ride to Bruge, only 12mins, but at least something to do

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