Monday, 29 May 2006

Day off!

We'd already decided that we'd have a day of rest in Oostende, but with being a day late, we weren't sure what to do.... the forecast was OK, but we only had 24 hrs, and needed more long range detail.... however we consulted, and everyone agreed that we needed a day of rest, to enjoy the holiday.... I'd called the guys in Vliisingen, and told them that we were deciding what to do, and they had arranged a meal if we all made it... We then hunted for an hour, and finally found an Internet Cafe, and got a decent forecast... it wasn't good.... NW for the rest of the week, with it dropping to very light, but still NW by the back end of the week.... Group consent was that it was crazy to head North to Holland, and risk a long 30hr plus motor back across the north sea, so agreement was reached to head south towards Dunkirk, and then a shorter crossing to perhaps Ramsgate or Dover.... I called the guys in Vlissingen again and broke the news gently, and then went out to see the town.... The Belgians relieved us of a considerable quantity of Euros in return for a sizeable amount of chocolate, and then an even more sensible amount of the now famous Duvel beer.... world class beverage... but a certain fuzzy head! Bound for Dunkirk in the morning... not too early, perhaps cast off at 07h00.....

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