Wednesday, 8 March 2006


Marina confirmed yesterday that Maggie was coming out, so she should be on the hard now..... Also, Poliglow turned up..... good job... ordered it at 18h00 Monday, arrived at 10h00 Wednesday.... Have dug out various sheets of sandpaper, wet and dry, paintbrushes, rollers, scrapers etc etc....... all set to get the boat ready for another season.... Be interesting to see what sort of condition the hull is in.... ie how much fouling, and more importantly how the anodes have stood up to nearly a full year in the water.... While she's out, I've got a few jobs to do...

1] Repaint the stern (it was hand painted, and rather messily in two tone - and its going to be redone much more tidily)
2] Polish the topsides and apply Poliglow
3] Scrape the hull back, and antifoul
4] Replace Anodes as required
5] Replace one seacock - that is probably OK but a bit corroded, so better safe than sorry
6] Check the stern tube
7] Remove M's bouncy ball from the cockpit drain (don't ask!)

Only job that is going to be a real ball ache is scraping the hull back..... there are years and years worth of antifoul on there, and its flaked in a couple of places and really needs doing..... I'll see how easy it is.... would ordinarily use a paint stripper, but firstly the hull is epoxy coated, and don't want to risk damaging it, and secondly and more importantly, I can't afford the paint stripper as it is quite expensive... so lots of scarping coming up..... starting this weekend no doubt..... as the baot goes back in on 30th, i've not got a lot of time.....

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