Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Nearly there....

Just got home after 3 more days on the boat getting jobs done.... Monday, managed to get a primer coat on the hull..... it was nice to see her back in a single colour, although the primer was a silvery grey, so she did look a little washed out!.... was finished by 15h00, so then spent the next few hours until it got dark scraping and polishing the remains of the silver coach trim strip off the side of the hull... I managed to nearly finish one side, after SWMBO had made a valiant start a few days previously.... Tuesday, spent pretty much the whole day cleaning the remainder of the silver trim off.... a combination of kitchen scourer pads, WD40 and a blunt screwdriver.... was finished by 15h00, and then got a hull cleaner and cleaned the topsides... I couldn't believe how much muck came off..... she looks white again! Wednesday, started by painting the coach stripe in a blue to match the dodgers and sailcover..... after masking off, painting and then removing the masking it was midday, despite starting at 08h00.... I then got the first coat of antifoul on the hull..... she looks so much better for it, and it is starting to make all the hard work seem worthwhile to see he looking so fair... Along the way today, and while waiting for drying times, I removed the hull anode..... naturally the studs where completely corroded and rusty, so had to remove them.... another £14 for two studs, which I had to Sikaflex into place.. (another £9)..... but the anode went on well, and its nice to see everything gleaming.... still need to fit the shaft anodes (decided to fit two this year), but thats only a five minutes job.... I finally also sanded the stern down in preparation for painting (with the same paint as the coach trim)... but rain stopped play, and I couldn't paint it... Back down tommorrow morning with only a few jobs to do.... apply the Poliglow to the topsides, paint the stern, fit the shaft anodes, service the seacocks and apply another coat of antifoul.... Everythign else can wait until she's back in the water!

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