Wednesday, 1 March 2006

lift out

Flippin lift out tommorrow has been delayed... Several boats on the hard have had work delayed by weather, so they are running a few days behind.... Maggie will now be coming out early next week... Mind you, still got the day off tommorrow, so will go down to boat and get a few jobs done.... and then down to Kent to pick up the new vang.... Antifoul was delivered today.... or rather wasn't.... as usual, not in when the courier arrived, so another trip to DHL! I've gone for good cheap Compass antinfoul again.... worked fine in the last 12 months, so will use it again... and at only £29.95 for 2.5L tins, its a lot cheaper! Not sure if I've already mentioned it, but I am going to try 'Poliglow' to restore and polish up the topsides.... better get that ordered... So..... boat out soon.... back in last week in March, and then the season begins... Can't wait!

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