Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Weather bound

For the third time in the month, we are weather bound again… we’d seen what looked like a bit of a weather window between fronts, enough to dive the short 40nm to Brighton… it meant a very early start, so alarms set for 04h30…. Only when we got up, it was still howling, with gusts coming through at 25kts in the marina, suggesting somewhere north of 30kts out in open water… a rapid decision was reached to go back to bed…. A similar, if perhaps somewhat more sensible/realistic window exists tomorrow, and then wherever we are, we’re stuck until Friday as a particularly vicious low is working its way down the channel, promising 40kts on Thursday…. After that, Friday through to Monday looks pretty good, if not even calm compared to the last few days…

On the plus side, at least Portsmouth is a good place to be stuck… plenty to do… Yesterday we caught the foot ferry across to Gunwharf Quay and the Historic Naval Dockyard…. I really wanted to go and have a look around HMS Victory…only its was £60 for a family of four.. utterly ridiculous… that’s daylight robbery… what on earth must international visitors think about British greed?

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