Friday, 27 August 2010

Crash bang wallop!

Well… we’ve made it to Eastbourne…. Still not heard Thames Coastguard, so we’re not home yet!

It wasn’t the most pleasant of trips…

We took the cockpit tent down this morning in the rain, and its rained ever since (well, its stopped now….)

Leaving Brighton we had 20kts across the beam, which would have been lovely, but it was thrashing with rain too… its soon built to 25kts… so we hoiked out some genoa, and sailed…

As we reached Beachy head it cut up rough, not surprising as were making 10kts over the ground… so we got slammed around a bit… it also coincided with us heading up, so that we were now dead into the wind… oh joy…

On the positive side, the autopilot worked beautifully, and steered us most of the way…

3hrs of really quite unpleasant conditions, and here we are tied up in Eastbourne… just 100nm from home… if the weather is nice, we’ll single leg it tomorrow.

Miles logged 18nm
Miles this trip 600nm
Miles this season 980nm
Miles since this blog started 5,560nm

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