Monday, 9 August 2010

Herm and back to SPP

After an extremely rolly night, we crept out of the Sark anchorage early, and decided to head for a brief stop at Shell beach on Herm... this looked ver pretty from a distance, and most certainly didn't fail to deliver!

It was an easy entrance, between two large rock outcrops, but with plenty of room, into a small bay, with a gently shelving sand bottom, making anchoring very easy.... and a totally unique experence in Morgana to be able to anchor and see the anchor and chain in 5m of water!

It was also delightful to see the water gradually turn blue as we crept closer in (from its normal green), and then as we got very close to the point of anchoring, turn aquamarine.... lovely!

we tendered ashore, and walked along a picture postcard pretty beach, in lovely sunshine.... could it get any better!

After a couple of hours, It ws tme to get back to the boat, and ensure that we didn't run aground (that pesky 10m tidal range again!), and so, reluctantly, we pulled he anchor up, and motored (into the wind - c'est la vie) the 3nm back to St Peter Port.... and enforced return due to impending bad weather... not storm force, but enough that we'd prefer to be in a harbour.... it should all be through by Tusday evening, so Wednesday, maybe.. we'll head back to the UK... probably Dartmouth.... although, with a certain amount of predictability, the wnd will probably be North Westerly for the first time in weeks.... so on the nose again!

Miles logged 11nm
Miles this trip 262nm
Miles this season 640nm
Miles since this blog started 5,220nm

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