Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Brighton Rock!

After what seems like days of wind, the forecast is for F3…. We awoke at 05h30 for an 06h00 depart to find light winds of perhaps 5kts… and thus it stayed… we motored the whole way to Brighton, which isn’t fortunately that far…. The only real excitement being the start of the Looe Passage where the tide squeezing through a small gap caused a certain amount of bubbling and boiling…. And the later in the trip when I felt that the next waypoint on the plotter seemed ‘wrong’… and a quick check revealed that the point I’d placed on the entrance the previous night was actually at the entrance to Shoreham, not Brighton!... whoops!!!

So, here we are in Brighton, hiding from the next low pressure system!

Miles logged 37nm
Miles this trip 582nm
Miles this season 962nm
Miles since this blog started 5,542nm

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