Thursday, 1 January 2009

Off and running

The first trip of the year under our belt...It was a grand new years eve, with Jim and Lynne onboard, Doug tied up on the next berth, and two other forum boats, Cento and Yuletide just a couple of berths up...We celebrated accordingly, ending the year, and seeing in the new one standing on the holding pontoon looking out over Harwich, watching the splendid fireworks, and drinking Champagne... The following day didn't start very early, and by the time we risen, cooked and eaten breakfast and sorted the boat to leave her berth, it was nearly 14h00,so we had a slow drift up the Stour as far as Wrabness, where the tide finally turned, and we rounded and set back....,br/> after just a couple of miles, the already fickle wind died, so we had to motor the remaining short was however, a complete treat, with mulled wine being served out of the galley, and complete and utter peace... we saw just one other boat on the wateWe tied back up again by 16h00, needing nav lights for the final mile or two, and once in our berth, Jim immediately set too and made a truly marvellous Chile con Carne, which sat nicely with a decent Claret.... Exhaustion firnally won out, and we were all in our berths and snoring by 23h30!What a great way to see in the new year!

Miles logged 12nm
Miles this season 12nm
Miles since this blog started 3,909nm

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