Thursday, 16 February 2006

Working weekend

Again, Off down to the boat this weekend.... this blog is begionning to have a monotonous element to it! Plan is to start the storage in the forepeak, so that I can get the wall carpet fitted, and then pick up a number of other smaller jobs..... I want to glue the treadmaster to the deck, over where the old winches were mounted.... I want to try and remove the old windvane mounts and the old autopilot mount (broken!)... I then am aiming to run the 4mm line I have bought up the mast and remove the spinnaker halyard, so that I can wash it... or if this proves too troublesome then i'll fit the bridle to the pole.... Besides this, I am hoping to fit the hatch stay, and also source and fit a gas tap in the galley..... Lots of little jobs now (as well as a few bigger ones), so hopefully the list will start getting shorter a bit quicker.... I am meeting up with a few peeps Saturday night for a drink to discuss the Oostende trip in May, and JimDew and his better half Lynne are stopping over for the night to save a drive home..... and flyingjunior may well drop in sometime in the afternoon..... Better make sure that i've got plenty of bacaon and eggs on board!

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