Sunday, 12 February 2006


It was wet and cold for the Boat Jumble in Newark, that we've just returned from.... Did however, get a few bargains.... Besides getting 23m of 6mm braid for the luff reefing lines, and 25m of Kevlar 4mm to make a bridle for the spinnaker pole, all of which was less than 50p per metre and all of which I was after, I also got the following bargains:

A sheet of grey treadmaster (to match my existing stuff) for £18... normally £40
A brand new Jimmy Green Danbuoy for £25... normally £50
A pair of Crewsaver oily trousers for C for £15... normally £50
A pair of Holt Allen jammers, with a bridge for £18.... normally £30
A pack of 10 lift-a-dot fittings for £6.... normally £20

I need the jammers for the traveller.... it previously had clamcleats, that were firstly a bit small for the rope, so didn't hold well, secondly were quite worn, so didn't hold well, and finally, to easily kicked out..... so I removed them.... the jammers will be much safer... I also needed the lift-a-dots... the old ones are OK, but looking pretty corroded.... I unscrewed one to check it out, and the thread just disintegrated, so suspect that they would fail shortly anway, so these will give added peace of mind.... So happy with the trip.... and saved quite a bit.... However, more jobs to do!!!!!! As an aside, I have also been working on a plan to raise the boom slightly... I wasv thinking about getting the sail recut to remove 8", and then lift the gooseneck, and re-rivet it higher, but someone suggested to me that I first try taking the outhaul to the flattener cringle, which is about 12" higher up the leach.... I'll also put a tie down round the boom to provide downwards as well as outwards pull, and hopefully that will gain us about 8" or 9" extra height at the cockpit..... sails are off at the moment, so only time will tell..... Also, as a final note... I bumped into Paul (pvr) from the forum at Newark.... hope you sold the tender Paul!

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