Sunday, 19 February 2006

forumites change my weekend plans

I left early Saturday morning, and was at the boat by 10h00. I immediately set too, and had the new treadmaster fitted by midday. I am very pleased with the results.



I then fitted the new stern light, and replaced the fixings for the spray hood with nice shiny new ones.... Then the forumites started turning up!!!! First Beancounter, then CliveG, then Flying Junior and finally JimDew and his other half Lynne.... Before I knew it the boat was full!!!! We chatted for a couple of hours and then retired to the Lord Nelson, and had a bite to eat, and a slightly larger amount of beer! We were joined by quite a few other forumites, including Sailorman, Yanita, and Kas..... and planned the Oostende trip for the end of May... Jim, Lynne and Flying Junior stopped the night on Maggie, and after we had sampled a particularly nice single malt and gone to bed at 01h00, I slept like a baby... I arose Sunday, cooked a hearty full english breakfast and when everyone had departed at about 10h00ish, I started to get on with a few jobs..... It was however, bitterly cold, and before no time, my hands were frozen, so I packed up and came home... So, I didn't get all my jobs done, but a jooly good weekend was had!

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