Thursday, 2 February 2006

ebay strikes again....

Bought a little 5Kg Danforth off eBay this week for a fiver.... just a small one to stick in the bottom of a locker for use as a small kedge, or perhaps in extremis as an anchor for the tender... Was also bidding for a saloon table... a nice one made from teak, but got outbid at the last minute..... back to plan B..... unless another pops up, then it'll be making one myself..... plenty of time yet though... Down to the boat this weekend to get a few more jobs done.... plan is to get the starboard winches moved.... as previously said, should be a lot easier than the port side because access is much better.... if I get time, then I am also hoping to fit the deck organisers and clutches, but that depends upon the availability of the appropriate stainless bolts at the chandlers.... I have a piece of steel handy from which I can make a suitable load spreading backplate.... it'll be hidden behind the headlining, so I am just going to liberally plaster it in Hammerite to provide some durability! SWMBO managed to get some really nice canvas hanging tidies from Tesco earlier this week... very strong, and for the massively reduced price of £1.99 each!! I was wondering about whether they could use them instead of making storage units in the forepeak, but try as I might, I can't see a practical way of fitting them in a useable position.... So.... the other challenge is to measure up the forepeak for the storage units.... and then I can make up the bases..... another visit to trial fit them, and then by the next time I am down, I should be able to start making them up..... OK.. what else can I do?..... Perhaps start fixing the batten to the forepeak for the storage units... an epoxy job.... and fix back down a couple of pieces of trim that have come loose.... measure up the small shelf under the galley stowage units... I am going to shelve it, with a couple of drawers... could start making them at home.... Perhaps start removing the old broken autopilot mount, and the two old wind steering vane mounts..... I guess that there is also quite a bit to be done in removing the old winches from the coachroof that have previously been used for reefing, and will no longer be needed when the clutches are in.... The list goes on and on...... good job I enjoy this stuff isn't it!

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