Friday, 6 May 2005

yep... it was wrong!

My electrical bits have arrived, and as suspected the boat side plug is the wrong gender..... never mind... I'm guessing that there's a fair chance that if a chandler stocks electrical cable, then they'll also stock these plugs..... The wiring looks straightforward enough.... I do however still have to work out exactly where everything is going to go for the neatest set up..... One of my cockpit lockers has a special cut out to allow a cable to be passed through the lid with the lid still shut (for the autopilot cable), so it makes sense to put the shore connector in that locker... which is conveniently te same side as the two main batteries, the switches, isolator keys and the earth busbar etc etc.... I'm just trying to decide where to go the following weekend... it will be our first full weekend as a family on her..... might take a look at Bradwell perhaps?..... i've left all the charts and pilots on board, so I'll have to bring them back with me this weekend.... don't want to go too far, but enough that it feels to teh kids like we 'travelled'.... The weekend after that is non sailing.... I bought SWMBO a long weekend in Paris for Chrimbo, and thats the one... guess it'll be quite nice, but secretly i'd rather be sailing.... Its Easyjet to paris, and then a rather nice hotel near the Louvre.... The following weekend however does make up for it though as its the bank holiday weekend, and both SWMBO and I have wangled the Friday off, so thats 4 clear days on board...... whooppeeee.... I think thats the weekend that the SB crowd are planning to go to Oostende.... we'd love to, buts I think its a bit too soon in terms of my willing crews' experience and skills! Also, As mentioned a good few posts back, C has decided to forgo her Oppy nationals, and we therefore get a clear 9 days on the boat..... I have been having a bit of a think about what we might do, and am currently wondering about a trip Ipswich - Ramsgate - Eastbourne - Cherbourg - Brighton - Ramsgate - Ipswich.. It might be a bit too much in a week, so a fall back could be Harwch to Flushing and a week exploring the area.... perhaps back via a French port?

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