Wednesday, 25 May 2005

Plans for the weekend...

We are hoping to do a bit of a longer passage this weekend.... Thought that Lowestoft would be a nice run, of about 50nm.... Forecast is looking absolutely fantastic in 3 out of 4 respects...... southerly or south easterly wind, perfect... a reach or run the whole way..... temperature of 28 degs (wow!)... good visibility....but the downside is its only forecast between 4 and 8 kts, so could be a bit of donkey work....... Sunday looks slightly less warm and poor visibility (but none the less still very pleasant), so thought that we'd spend a day in Lowestoft, and then Monday is about 10kts, and easterly and north easterly for a reach the whole way back.... with improved visibility again.... perfect! C is very keen to visit Lowestoft, having just read Arthur Ransome's Peter Duck, she is desperate to visit the location of the opening scene! I need to check tommorrow what the situation is with berths at Lowestoft's RNSYC, as thats in the outer harbour... otherwise its under the lifting bridge, which is a bit of a pain.... Timing is OKish for the tides, with an 05h30 start on Saturday morning, and an 08h00 start on monday, so nothing too serious..... I don't have charts that far north, so the whole plan depends upon the local chandlers near the boat having the two relevant charts in stock....otherwise its back to Ramsgate!

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