Thursday, 5 May 2005

delivery pain again!

Bloomin electrical bits (for shore power)delivered today.... only I wasn't in.... flippin 'eck..... I've had to arrange to work from home tommorrow to receive delivery.... I've thought about the bits I ordered.... the combined RCD/switch/charger unit, and a galvanic isolator.. thats all fine... I did also order a socket to fit in the boat for the shore power cable to plug into.... only I think i've ordered the wrong gender.... i'll find out tommorrow I suppose..... I need to get some cable, cable clips to fit it neatly, and a 240V mains style plug for the boat.... I'll take a trip to the DIY store, and buy one of those nice tastefully coloured/shaped plastic faceplates and a back box, but need to get some decent marine grade cable plus P clips and stainless fixings, so I guess that'll be the chandlery at the weekend.... I'm stuffed if they don't sell it... anyone know of a decent chandlery at the top of the Orwell that stocks that kind of stuff? The weekend is a bit of a pain.... I've got a long standing commitment on Saturday at my Dinghy club to help out, so no Magna Carter on Saturday... and given the forecast, SWMBO has suggested that I go down to Ipswich on my own on Sunday and fit the shore power set up with some peace and quiet.... I'll try my damndest to get some of the other jobs done while I am it.... the list is now HUGE!!!!! I also need to work out how to crimp ring terminals onto the battery cables (assuming I can get ring terminals at the weekend!)... I think I might be able to borrow one of those crimpers that is

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