Tuesday, 18 February 2014

long bolts and jobs lists

I have been prattling on about mounting the new deck hardware, and failed to mention that I had to order some extra long bolts in order to do so... a set of M6 counter sunk bolts in A4 at a princely 15cm long!

This is all that still stuck through the coachroof afterwards

Its probably hard to tell from the picture, but I can tell you its about 3cm of spare bolt.

That is build strength that we might one day be very pleased to have!

Also, I have been trying to create a new jobs list, that I am marking up as needed before we leave the harbour, or not needed, and then selecting a few each visit to try and bring a bit of structure to my work, rather than just drifting from job to job as I feel like it.

This is proving a good thing. However, the current jobs list is at 213 items!

Here it is... not all are essential, some are comfort, rather than function, some are a little anal.... but it does give an idea of the magnitude of work still to be done.

1 sand back new stbd tubes into dog house
2 galley light wiring
3 chart table light wiring
4 forepeak light wiring
5 matts cabin light wiring
6 wiper motor wiring
7 dog house light wiring
8 auto gyro compass wiring
9 wiring for anchor light
10 spot lights wiring
11 remove copper pipe to forward heads
12 put in plastic pipe to forward heads
13 fit galley taps
14 fit ubend on sink to avoid bent pipe
15 fit forward heads taps
16 remove copper pipe to aft heads
17 fit plastic pipe to aft heads
18 fit aft heads taps
19 mount aft heads
20 sort aft heads pipe work
21 wire up fuel gauge
22 wire up water gauge
23 fix table down
24 secure pipework
25 secure cabling
26 varnish remaining trim
27 varnish mirror frame
28 replace mirror glass
29 refit mirror
30 refit forward heads trim
31 secure cable in forepeak
32 rewire forward nav lights
33 get switch panel made
34 make up panel
35 rewire switch panel
36 paint white on sofa
37 paint white in coffin
38 paint white in forepeak
39 refit step in forepeak
40 varnish head door
41 refit door on heads
42 varnish forepeak door
43 refit forepeak door
44 size hatch strut bolts
45 source new strut bolts
46 remove and clean struts
47 remake hatches
48 rewire to aft cabin for lights
49 rewire to aft cabin for stern light
50 rewire to aft cabin for heat exchanger
51 rewire to forepeak for heat exchanger
52 replace engine
53 run pipework for heater
54 fit heater
55 fit exchanger in forepeak
56 fit exchanger in saloon
57 fit exchanger in aft cabin
58 mount cooker
59 remake gas pipe to galley
60 fit new manual pump in galley
61 revarnish sole boards
62 cut off bolts in saloon roof
63 recover headlining
64 remount headlining
65 mount 240v plug in cockpit
66 seal up pedestal
67 mount pedestal guard
68 fit wind instrument sender
69 fit VHF aerial
70 fit tricolour
71 fit new steaming light
72 runs wires down mast
73 fit wind gen on mizzen
74 fit solar panels on dog house
75 strip interior of doghouse
76 varnish interior of doghouse
77 paint cockpit
78 fit clutches and winches in cockpit
79 fit turning plate to mast at gooseneck
80 fit reefing lines
81 replace topping lift
82 run windlass wires back to cockpit
83 fit windlass switches in cockpit
84 replace connector on bow windlass
85 shorten davits
86 fit hydrovane
87 fit watermaker
88 wire up watermaker
89 fit SSB
90 wire up SSB
91 fit aerial tuner
92 wire up SSB aerial
93 fit cockpit tent studs
94 remove and refurb cockpit teak
95 replace windows in saloon
96 refit curtain tracks and trim
97 make up new curtains
98 recover seats and cushions
99 revarnish saloon table
100 remove old lifting rings
101 refit new lift rings
102 secure batteries
103 clip up wiring in engine room
104 remount pipework for drains and autopilot
105 refit autopilot parts
106 rewire autopilot
107 fit new ensign staff
108 paint bilges
109 fit instrument pod at helm
110 fit new plotter
111 fit VHF remote
112 revarnish cockpit door
113 strip aft cabin
114 revarnish aft cabin
115 remove aft cabin headlining
116 replace aft cabin headlining
117 remove aft cabin curtain rail
118 replace aft cabin curtain rail
119 make new aft cabin curtains
120 fit new shower
121 fit pipework for new shower
122 rewire for shower
123 fit sump pump for shower
124 fit pipework for shower drain
125 fit clock, barometer and clock
126 mount book shelves
127 fit new spotlights
128 fit autocompass back up
129 remove galley fittings on wall
130 fit flouro light in galley
131 wiring for galley lights
132 rebed all trim plates on decks
133 silicon bead round dog house windows and lowers
134 refit trim pieces over wiring
135 remake cupboard interiors
136 fit bowthruster
137 reseal fridge hole
138 fit hinges and catches on last two doors in saloon
139 strip salon steps
140 varnish saloon steps
141 add grip strip to saloon steps
142 varnish light mount discs
143 fit speakers for radio
144 fit new whale pump
145 empty engine room cupboard of junk
146 add engine circuit to calorifier
147 remove old charger
148 remove old electronic compass
149 empty forepeak lockers of junk
150 paint forepeak lockers
151 fit new catches for hatches
152 fit new handles on doors
153 fit compass holder
154 fit binocular holder
155 fit pencil holder at chart table 
156 fit cigarette socket at chart table
157 fit battery monitor at chart table
158 fit ipad mount at  chart table
159 wire up stereo
160 fit stereo aerial
161 fit NMEA mux
162 fit USB connector for laptop
163 fit new sails
164 fit stack pack on mizzen
165 fit stack pack on main
166 fit brackets for rear of cockpit tent
167 service winches on mast
168 remove spare mast winch and boom winch
169 service genoa winches
170 make aft hatches flush
171 service aft seacock
172 fit new liferaft
173 fit hydrostatic release
174 mount white flare near cockpit
175 fit high powered torch in cockpit
176 refit lifebouys
177 refit throwing lines
178 secure anchor in bow roller
179 fit LEDs in internal lights
180 fit LEDs in nav lights
181 fit light in engine room
182 mount float switch properly in engine room
183 mount bilge pump properly in engine room
184 refit open door catches
185 refit hatch catches
186 clip up windlass wiring
187 remake and fit trim for dorade vent in heads
188 fit new vent on deck
189 shorten guard wires
190 add rope to guard wires
191 secure all stanchions properly
192 refit cockpit doors and catches
193 refit tonnage plaque
194 fit bell
195 fit oil lamp
196 wire up compass
197 wire up deck light
198 reseal gaps in teak decking
199 clean teak decking
200 touch up exterior varnish
201 remove old radome
202 fit new raydome
203 fit radar reflector
204 fit windex
205 fit new through deck on aft coachroof
206 fit new stern light
207 fit new stern light through deck
208 rewire engine room fan
209 securing strap for gas bottle
210 stop valve for gas in galley
211 fit danbuoy
212 wire to aft cabin for cig socket
213 fit cig socket in aft cabin

I'm pretty sure i've missed stuff off this list, so will be adding to it as I go... when I complete a job, i'll remove it from the list... will post the update from time to time... with a bit of luck i'll complete things faster than I think of and add them...


  1. ...the secret is to finish more than you add.... from a fellow list owner..... :o)