Monday, 17 February 2014

leading back

Well, pretty much everything that I can do to lead the lines back has been done.

Both deck organisers are mounted.

On the port side

On the port side, will be the topping lift, 3 reefing lines, and the genoa furler. I may choose to use the third reefing point for the kicker instead at some point.

And on the starboard side

As you can see, the starboard side is tight. Actually, it works really well, but ther is no room for more than two lines. They will be the main halyard and the staysail sheet.

I have fitted turning blocks at the mast base too. I only need 4 as the other things are on pulleys on the mast already. The main halyard, I have used a heavy  U bolt as there is only a single item to 'turn'... on the other side, the 3 reefing lines are through a Barton deck system. 

The plan is to rivet an eye plate to the mast by the gooseneck that I will use to turn the reefing lines back up the mast with a triple block, through the luff reefing eyelets and back down to this new deck fittting, and hence on back to the winches. This way I get single line reefing. If it proves too much friction, I'll simply turn the lines downwards instead and reef the traditional way.

The second major task completed in leading back is putting the holes through the coachroof on the starboard side.... all done... It was a lot easier the second time, knowing what to expect. The bits of pipe are also in, and the epoxy on and waiting to cure. It'll take some time to harden properly in this temperature! Once it's dry, it needs grinding and sanding back flush.

Next on the task list, I removed all the old cleats etc from the coachroof.... all rather tired, and also, been painted around and over by a previous owner, so looked messy. Removing them was easier said than done.... the screws/bolts were well corroded in, and the fixings on the back were placed for maximum akwardness... but I got there... While epoxying the pipes in, I took the opportunity to fill all the holes left behind with epoxy too.... completely watertight!

Last, but not least, I have made the mounting plates for the clutches.... all cut, shaped, sanded and drilled.... ready to install.

I can't fit the clutches or winches yet, as I need to paint the coachroof first. I have the paint, but can't paint it until firstly the new epoxy is dry, and secondly until its 18 degrees.... suspect the latter will take longer!

And until the winches etc are installed, I can't refit the headlining.

So, really good progress today on leading back.... pretty much done really.

This evening, I have sat and worked out the wiring for the fuel and water gauges, tested them and then mounted them at the chart table. I spent some time contemplating where to place them, thinking that the fuel gauge mught be better in the cockpit, but then, its only something to get paranoid about if its in your face... so better at the chart table for ocassional reference.

Tomorrow, I face the plumbing.... taking the copper pipes out to the forward heads and new plastic in, and then start clipping up all the pipe work. I'll probably leave the aft heads for now, as access is a bit awkward until I clear it out.... its full of junk!

Then, If I decide to hang around another evening, i'll wire up the two gauges.

More soon!

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