Sunday, 16 February 2014

its been a long time...

....since my last post... well, since last July to be precise.

After being 'nudged' on YBW (sorry Wingdiver!), I decided it was time to get things moving again.

I've not been completely ignoring the boat... i've continued to collect bits and pieces to fit.... so plenty to be getting on with... I have however, experienced a loss of motivation, that has only just returned, so haven't been keen to get on with things. It seems to have conincided with the rotten weather...

So, i'm on board, working out what jobs to do.. reports coming your way soon... probable targets are:

Finish the plumbing - still got to run pipe work to forward and aft heads, and remove assiciated old copper piping
More rewiring  - still got a fair few things thar need wiring running to them
Finish mounting the turning blocks for the port side reefing lines
Start the work to mount the starboard side reefing lines
Start mounting the clutches and winches on the coachroof
Mount the water and fuel guages
Finish sanding the sole boards

Which I focus on depends upon the weather!

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