Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Varnish and dodging showers

An early start, with the sander, working on the aft coach roof grab handles and trim strip... And dodging heavy rain storms... Had to put a tarpaulin over the dog house to prevent the bare wood getting wet. Its not that the rain hurts the wood, but it takes 2hrs to dry out!

Anyway, the rain cleared, and a first coat on the dog house and then the handles and trim strip...

The first coat is always dissapointing as its heavily thinned, so just soaks in and leaves a dull matt finish... But even so, it still looks a lot better than the old cracked and faded varnish that it replaced.

Tomorrow, the aft coach roof window frames, and then start the forward coach roof equivalents.

Weather forecast is looking a lot better, so optimistic that we'll keep making good progress.

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